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We Loan at the Highest Loan-to-Value Ratio in the Industry

Flexible Terms - Diamond Lender LLC located in New York City's Diamond district offers a standard loans of 4 months. If you pay the loan off in a shorter time period, you only pay for the monthly interest you've used. We will give longer time periods if you desire. Speak to one of our Gemologists today to find out what your items are worth.

Safe, Secure Storage & Fully Insured - Diamond Lender LL is fully bonded and insured. All collateral merchandise is stored in TRTL 30x6 safes with AA rated line security with backup communications. Our security system monitors the environment for seismic and heat activity. In addition your merchandise is fully insured for more than the amount of the loan, usually twice the amount of the loan.

CALL for Special Rates on high value loans (212) 729-0275

No Hidden Costs - We do not charge any vault fees like other "pawnshops". We feel that it is your right and our duty to protect your merchandise while it is entrusted to us. Come see the difference today. Call 212-729-0275 for a free consultation.

We specialize in Fine Jewelry & Diamonds and understand these markets well.