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Diamond lender LLC. offers short-term collateral loans on your diamond and gold jewelry. Bonded and licensed by New York City's Department of Consumer Affairs, the rates and fees are set by New York State. To the benefit of our customers, NYS rates are amongst the lowest in the country.

Loans are written for a period of four (4) months. Interest is charged at a rate of four percent (4%) per month. There are no fees and no vault storage fees. All collateral items are insured and are stored in secure vaults. There is no insurance charge, and we insure your jewelry at twice the loan value.

The borrower can redeem the loan at any time before the end of the four (4) month period, and will only be charged for that period of time which has passed. If after four (4) months, you cannot redeem your loan, you can request to pay the interest to date. If accepted, we will issue you a new ticket, which means you have a new four (4) month loan.

INSTANT LOANS FOR We Make Instant cash loans for Diamonds, Jewelry, Watches, Coins and Precious Metals. The bigger, the better. We specialize in Cartier, Harry Winston, Van Cleef and Arpels, Tiffany and Co, David Webb, Oscar Heyman and Brothers and any other signed pieces of jewelry. We have an extensive clientele with great taste and constantly need to have these items in inventory. We understand how to value this type of Fine Jewelry and will loan Top Dollar for it. We also outright Purchase Jewelry and will pay you on the spot if you wish to sell.